What Causes Crush Injuries at Construction Sites in Albany?

What Causes Crush Injuries at Construction Sites in Albany

Crush injuries can happen at construction sites in Albany at any time. They are potential hazards that don’t appear too often, but they do happen. These injuries occur when heavy, stationary objects fall on workers while they’re working on a project. Most often, these objects are large pieces of concrete or brick. Although they may not appear to be very heavy at first, they can cause hitting and pulling injuries if someone is caught underneath them or atop them.

In fact, crush injuries can happen in the most surprising places. Workers can be crushed by machines or by falling objects. In the event of such an accident, workers should consult Albany construction accident lawyers for help with pursuing a claim for getting compensation.

The following are the main causes of construction site injuries:

  1. Building collapse

Construction site injuries can occur when a building collapses in Albany. Buildings often collapse due to poor-quality concrete or structural defects. Such accidents can happen overnight, during any season of the year. Those injured by collapsing buildings often need to go through long and expensive recoveries before they can get back on their feet and resume work. So, it is necessary that they seek the help of a lawyer to get compensation for their injuries.

  1. Machine rollover

Injuries due to machine rollover can happen on any construction site in Albany. Often, they are the most life-threatening. They occur when heavy machinery or machinery components fall or roll over the workers who happen to be working underneath them or on top of them. These accidents usually occur when a worker is working in an isolated spot without any safety equipment. If you are seriously injured by a machine rollover, you better should get help from a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

  1. Dropped materials

One of the more common causes of construction site injuries in Albany is when materials are dropped. This can happen while they’re being transported in a car or an elevator, or while they’re being moved from one place to another on a construction site. If you sustain an injury from dropped materials, you should seek help from a lawyer to get compensation.

  1. Trench collapse

Injuries due to trench collapse are among the most common ones that occur at construction sites in Albany. They occur due to a poor foundation or unstable soil. Trench collapses are very difficult to prevent, and you can get seriously injured if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you, unfortunately, sustain an injury from such an accident, then get help from a lawyer for seeking compensation.

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